Polar Exploration

A practical handbook for North and South Pole expeditions


Dixie Dansercoer


Polar exploration and polar travel seem to be becoming more and more popular. The number of people travelling to the North or South Pole as "explorers" - in fact "tourists" - is rising at a great rate. But it is not something to be done lightly.

Making the most of your time in this life-changing, and sometimes life-threatening, environment requires many months of mental and physical preparation – and a lot of detailed planning. To appreciate the beauty of an Arctic storm or the survival skills of a polar fox, you will need to have everything under control. In this comprehensive handbook, the author - a veteran polar explorer and pioneer - tells you all you need to know to select, plan and enjoy the expedition of your lifetime.


The handbook
• describes both the Arctic and the Antarctic terrain, climate and particular challenges
• includes a chapter on understanding and coping with extreme cold
• packed with practical tips on preparation and planning, from keeping expedition sponsors happy to what to pack
• illustrated with vivid first-hand accounts of many expeditions and evocative photographs


This guide is not a comprehensive travel guide to the polar regions, nor is it intended to lead through all you have to do before setting foot on the ice. It is more an in-depth record of the authors accumulated experiences in almost 20 years of life-enhancing polar expeditions. The handbook aims to provide a comprehensive insight to the surprisingly complex art of preparing yourself well, with information on equipment, motivation, surviving in the cold, making camp, efficient progress on the ice, problem solving, polar bears, melting ice, reading nature’s signals, ethical concerns and much more. For those who have already undertaken some polar travel, this book will offer advice on different routines and will give them an opportunity to review their equipment and techniques. The book is honoured by a foreword by Eric Phillips, the President of the International Polar Guides Association.


A stunning and unique handbook about the mental and physical preparation and detailed planning required for different styles of polar exploration, to the Arctic or the Antarctic. And a great read!!


Polar Exploration
A practical handbook for North and South Pole expeditions

Dixie Dansercoer

Foreword by Eric Phillips

Published Apr 2012
Edition First
ISBN 9781852846657
Size 21.6 x 13.8 x 1.3cm
Pages 192 - Berge von Büchern • Bücher über Berge • Bergbücher • Alpinliteratur

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